"There is no future without a past"

Among the valley of the Tiber and the Amerini Mounts, the Ciucci’s family grows its agricultural products since 1910. Over the century its founder "Antonio Ciucci," extended the farming to 440 acres of land, giving life to everything we can admire these days passing through the agricultural paradise of the family. 

Later, his heritage was gathered and embraced by Maurizio,  Frederick'son, and his two children  Antonio and Federica, who manage nowadays the work begun by their  great-grandfather. When entering Colle delle Monache, the location where the agricultural holding has its seat, everything changes: the atmosphere becomes unique and the landscape enchanting, capturing the attention of even the most distracted persons.


The path lead the senses up to the main building, the place where the nature has addressed the work of the family, through a soil that is mostly clay, which releases the unmistakable fragrance of the products.

Today the Ciucci company represents the result of a story, where the local traditions meet the necessity to face up the progress, respecting nature and offering the results of this junction to the true estimators of the genre.

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