organic extra virgin olive oil

organic extra virgin olive oil

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From an accurate selection of the fruit, arise one of the prominent products of the company:
The extra virgin olive oil Cimacolle.

The product, obtained from organically grown olives and without any chemical intervention during the processing phase, includes all the peculiarities of Leccino, Moraiolo, Frantoio and Pendolino varieties. Since the first processing phase can be sensed the characteristics of the clay soil, which express their distinctiveness by tasting the product; that's where the scents of the country of origin start to be felt through the nose, allowing a complete tasting.
  • Details

    Production area ORTE (VT)
    Variety Frantoio 40%, Leccino 40%, 20% between Moraiolo and Pendolino
    Harvest Hand-picked
    Extraction Cold extraction by centrifugation
    Organoleptic properties Green color with gold nuances median fruitiness aroma, subtle with vegetable notes. In mouth fruity with well-balanced sensations of bitter and spicy taste.
    Chemical properties Acidity 0.31% P/P - n. Peroxide value 2.30 mq 02/Kg

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