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Between the Tiber Valley and the Monti Amerini, Ciucci family cultivates its agricultural products by 1910. In the course of the century, its founder "Antonio Ciucci", extended this to 440 hectares of land, giving rise to what we can today admire passing in agricultural paradise of the family.

Later, his legacy, was met with Maurizio, the son of Federico, and his two sons Antonio and Federica, who direct this day, the work started by the great-grandfather. Entering Colle delle Monache, locations where the business is located, everything changes: the atmosphere is unique and the view takes enchanting tones, able to capture the attention of even the most distracted.

The route takes the senses to the headquarters, and that's where nature has directed the work of the family, through a mainly clayey soil, which gives off the unmistakable fragrances of products.

Ciucci represents today, the result of a story, where they meet the traditions of the place and the need to face the progress, respecting nature and offering the result to true connoisseurs of the genre.

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