Our history

Since 1910 Mr Antonio Ciucci, a man in love with nature and the territory, has followed his vision of an all-round farm; first with arable land and later with vineyards and olive groves, a harmony and a perfect combination of tradition and agricultural innovation has been created.


How did it all start


Associazione Vignaioli Indipendenti (Italian Association of Independent Winegrowers)

Associazione Vignaioli Indipendenti (Italian Association of Independent Winegrowers)

A z i e n d a A g r i c o l a C i u c c i

Federica Ciucci

Federica Ciucci

Executive Director

Antonio Ciucci

Antonio Ciucci

Executive Director

The Azienda Agricola Ciucci farm of the third millennium, was inherited by Maurizio, son of Federico, and his two sons Federica and Antonio, who still direct the work started by his great-grandfather. It represents the result of a history in which traditions and entrepreneurial will, in order to remain faithful to those ideals of uncontaminated nature, continue their production of organic products with the intention of selling and exporting throughout the world.


Over 110 Years of History


The Beginning

Between the Tiber Valley and the Amerini Mountains, the Ciucci family has been cultivating its agricultural products since 1910.


The company Grows

Throughout the century, thanks to the constant work and great passion of Antonio Ciucci, the farm grows in size to reach the extension of 440 hectares; a true "agricultural paradise".


Generational Change

Later, his legacy was welcomed by Maurizio, son of Federico, and his two sons Federica and Antonio, who still direct the work begun by his great-grandfather.


The company 2.0

The Ciucci farm, strong in its tradition but ready and open to innovation and technological evolution, decides to sell and make its products known all over the world thanks to the use of the internet.


Organic Start

The Ciucci Agricultural Company aims to: reduce toxicity and pollution of the soil and groundwater. Since 2005 the company philosophy has been to research and offer the final customer products of the highest quality through organic farming.


Women of wine

In 2022, Azienda Agricola Ciucci took an important step forward by joining the “Women of Wine” Association. This collaboration enhances the contribution of women in the wine sector and reinforces the company's commitment to sustainability and excellence in the production of high-quality organic wines.


In our
"agricultural paradise"

Breathtaking scenery and predominantly clay paths accompany the view and release the unmistakable fragrances that are then found in the products. Paradise atmosphere and warm tones: in Colle delle Monache, the Ciucci Organic Farm, takes on the connotations of a true “agricultural paradise”.

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