T h e C o m p a n y


4 6 7 9 K m ² o f O r g a n i c F a r m i n g

“organic farming”: our corporate philosophy involves researching and offering top quality products to the end customer.

Our modus operandi is the exclusion of synthetic chemical substances (fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides), preferring the use of natural resources in a responsible way.

Our soils are enriched with organic substances, nitrogen and microelements. Our goal is to reduce soil and groundwater toxicity and pollution.


On our farm we work our lands strictly following the natural cycle and pay attention to seasonality; we take care not to overexploit natural resources, in particular soil and water using these resources instead, within a development model that can last over time. We protect not only the environment but above all the fertility of vineyards and olive groves and the nutritional value of grapes and olives.


L o v e f o r t h e l a n d


"When nature takes shape"


C o l l e d e l l e M o n a c h e

Breathtaking scenery and predominantly clay paths accompany the view and release the unmistakable fragrances that are then found in the products.
Paradise atmosphere and warm tones: in Colle delle Monache, the Ciucci Organic Farm, takes on the connotations of a true “agricultural paradise”.


O u r g o a l

The concept of sustainable agriculture developed since the 1960s as a response to the irrational industrialization of the countryside and the irresponsible consumption of natural resources. A change in agricultural practices and processes, already operating on the farm for years – aimed at guaranteeing the reduction of water and energy consumption, the fight against the destruction of habitats and ecosystems, the deterioration of the land – is our constant objective for “a new agriculture”. Azienda Agricola Ciucci, thus, actively and positively responds to changing human needs.


N a t i v e v a r i e t i e s

Since the planning stage, the work on the vineyards has been set up with a strong link with the territory: a large part of the vineyard is destined for grape varieties present for many years in the Viterbo area.

20/21 Ha is the total extension of vines, with 9 Ha of Grechetto Rosso (Sangiovese), 3.5 Ha of Violone (Montepulciano) and 1.5 of Malvasia del Lazio.

The bright red Violone with purple undertones, which is well suited to these extremely hot and dry years, is characterized by an unusual acidity.

The Red Grechetto, which expresses all its elegance in color and flavor, is the result of the high endowment of tannins and perfumes. Malvasia del Lazio which, from its way of growing has an apparently disordered spreading habit, then gives a fruit with enormous potential: juicy pulp and leathery skin that hides a casket of aromatic precursors.